Advanced Topic: Adjusting Memory Settings for GDC Data Hub Connectors

By default, all Data Hub connectors have 2 GB of memory assigned (both docker container and nodeJS process inside container). If more memory is needed for a GDC connector that works with one or more agents, you will need to create a variable in the AWS System Manager and restart the service. Then, you will need to update the configuration in the Datahub menu and restart the connectors.



To complete these instructions, you will need two different types of accesses. First, you'll need access to the AWS console for your organization's account. You'll also need access to the TDP as an administrator. In some organizations, these are two separate people.

Create Variable and Restart Service

The person who has access to the AWS console for your organization's account should do the following:

  1. In the AWS System manager, create new variable of type string with name /tetrascience/{environment}/ECS/ts-service-datahub/CONNECTOR_GDC_MAX_MEMORY_MB. The value should be stated in MB (e.g. 8192 will give 8GB to GDC docker container and node process inside the container).

  2. Go to AWS ECS and restart tasks for service ts-service-datahub.

Update Configuration and Restart Connectors

The person who has TDP access should do the following.

  1. Choose Update config from Datahub menu to update the configuration for datahub.

  2. Choose Sync from the Datahub menu to force connectors to restart.

  3. GDC should appear after a few minutes. It should indicate that 8 GB of total memory has been allotted to it.

  4. If GDC does not appear, create one and wait a few minutes until memory stats appear. When they do, the memory stat should indicate that it has 8 GB of total memory.