TDP v3.3.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 15 September 2022 (Updated: 23 September 2022)

Upgrade Considerations

During the upgrade, there might be a brief downtime (about 15-30 minutes) when users will not be able to access the platform. This includes the TDP User Interface and the APIs. After the upgrade is complete, customers should check their pipelines for failures or cancellations and reprocess those if found. For more details surrounding the timing of the upgrade, please see your CSM.



Customers still using the API_KEY for authentication must shift to using the JSON Web Token (JWT) before the 3.3.x migration to avoid breaking their integrations. For more information on how to create a JWT, see the []( topic).

What's New?

TetraScience has released its next version of the Tetra Data Platform (TDP) version 3.3.2. As its major focus, this release targets bug fixes.

For details on specific feature and functionality improvements, review these TDP version 3.3.2. release notes:

  • Enhancements
  • Bug fixes
  • Deprecated features
  • Known issues
  • Security

Links to Tetra Agents and Artifacts Release Notes are provided in the Other Release Notes section at the end of this topic.


There are no enhancements for this version of the software.

Bug Fixes

The following are bug fixes that were made for this version of the TDP software:

  • AG-2123 - You can now configure multiple glob patterns for an FLA path in TDP.
  • AG-2360 - A confirmation message appears when you try to delete a path or apply an FLA configuration change in TDP.
  • AG-2394/AG-2398 - Resolves a security issue for the Tetra Data Hub
  • AG-2369/AG-2399 - Adds additional security for the Tetra Data Hub.
  • AG-2400/AG-2401 - Security measures for L7 usage were added.
  • CON-200 - The Solace Connector now allows you to authenticate by uploading a client certificate using SSM.
  • CON-201 - The Cellario Connector no longer disables itself if the Cellario endpoint becomes unreachable due to a “timed out” error. Instead, it will attempt to reconnect until successful or encounters a different error.
  • DL-771 [Indexing]: Adds a backward compatible fix that resolves document indexing failures when some fields' datatype mapping was incorrectly created.
  • DP-548: Addresses a pipeline execution issue when infrastructure is using request routing via a PROXY which is configured on VPC.
  • PLCR-611 - You can now access the login screen using both URLs: https://<your TDP domain>/login/sso and https://<your TDP domain>/login.

Deprecated Features

Please see release notes for TDP v 3.3.0 for deprecated features.

Known Issues

  • Please see release notes for TDP v 3.3.1 and 3.3.0 for other known issues.


To save on costs, the S3 Intelligent-Tiering option for data storage is enabled by default for all Tetra Hosted Deployments. The option will also be enabled by default for Customer Hosted deployments when they upgrade to 3.3.2. This change does not degrade performance when enabled and is expected to yield approximately 15% or more savings in S3 billing costs. S3 Intelligent-Tiering is an AWS cloud storage class that automatically moves data to the most cost-effective access tier when patterns of access change. For basic information about S3 Intelligent-Tiering, read this AWS topic: If you want more information on how S3 Intelligent-Tiering works, read this AWS topic:


TetraScience continually assesses and addresses security-related enhancements and bugs.

Other Release Notes

Release notes for Artifacts and Agents are here.