Tetra Signals Connector Allow List Endpoints

The following endpoints must be added to your organization’s allow list before you can use the Tetra Signals Connector. If you’re using a Tetra Data Hub, make sure that you also add the URLs listed in the Tetra Data Hub Allow List Endpoints.



Make sure that all of the following endpoints are visible through standard HTTPS port 443.

For Activating Single Sign-On (SSO) through Amazon Cognito

  • <domain-prefix>.auth.<aws-region>.amazoncognito.com



<aws-region> is the AWS Region where the TetraScience stack is deployed. TetraScience uses us-east-1 for Tetra hosted deployments.

For Tetra Data Platform (TDP) Orchestration, Status Reporting, and Data Uploads

  • api.<customer-tdp-location>

For Creating, Retrieving, and Updating Entities in Signals Notebook

  • <customer-tenant>.signalsnotebook.revvity.cloud
  • <customer-tenant>.signalsnotebook.revvitycloud.eu



All connections to Signals and the TDP are outgoing from the Connector. However, the Connector must be able to receive incoming connections from a user’s web browser.