Tetra File-Log Agent Troubleshooting Guide

Agent UI Fails to Launch

If installation folder permissions aren't set up correctly, then the Tetra File-Log Agent Windows user interface returns the following error: Tetrascience.Agent.FileLog.WinApp has stopped working


To grant the required permissions and resolve the error, do the following:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the installation folder (by default, C:\TetraScience\ ).
  2. Right-click the installation folder, and then select Properties.
  1. Select the Security tab. Then, select Edit. The Permissions for TetraScience dialog appears.
  1. For Group or user names, select Users. Then, for Permissions for Users, select the Allow check box next to Full Control.

  1. Choose Apply. Then, choose OK.

Agent Doesn't Start

If you select the Start button in the Tetra File-Log Agent Management Console and the agent status indicates it has stopped, do the following:

  1. Make sure that the Agent is installed in the default folder path (C:\TetraScience\), not a different folder path. If the Agent is installed in a different folder path, reinstall the Agent by using the default installation folder.
  2. Make sure that the folder name doesn't include spaces (for example: D:\File Log). If the folder name includes a space, remove the space.

Agent Doesn't Run Continuously

You can increase the Agent's reliability by setting a Windows Scheduled Task that ensures that the Windows service is always running. You can create the Windows Scheduled Task either during Agent installation, or manually after the Agent is installed.

To Set a Windows Scheduled Task During Installation

See Section 2: Set a Windows Scheduled Task in the Tetra File-Log Agent Installation Guide.

To Set a Windows Scheduled Task Manually After Installation

See Ensure Tetra Agent Services Run Constantly.

Agent Failed to Generate or Upload a File

If the Tetra File-Log Agent encounters an error when copying or uploading a file, it enters an error state. The error displays in the Tetra File-Log Agent Management Console on the Summary tab.

To troubleshoot file copying and upload errors, do the following:

  1. Sign in to the Tetra File-Log Agent Management Console. Then, open the Summary dashboard.
  2. In the Error Message column, double click the error that you want to investigate. The full error message displays, which includes more detailed information about the error. For more information, see Monitor Tetra File-Log Agent Progress and Metrics.
    For more granular information about the error, you can view the error event in the Agent's Amazon CloudWatch Logs. For more information, see Send Agent Logs to TetraScience for Troubleshooting (From TDP).
  3. Resolve the error based on the information provided. For more information about common file upload issues, see Why are files not uploading?