TDP v3.3.6 Release Notes

Release Date: 14 December 2022


Quality Report

TetraScience is committed to creating quality software. Software is developed and tested using our TetraScience Quality System. The Quality Report for this version of the software is TPM-109. Customers who have purchased the GxP package can request a copy of the Quality Report. If you have further questions about the Quality Report or the GxP package, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

What's New?

TetraScience has released its next version of the Tetra Data Platform (TDP) version 3.3.6. As its major focus, this release targets bug fixes and a few new features.


Enhancements for this release appear below.

  • Bulk download functionality added. This is a new feature that enables bulk downloads for up to 100 files at a time via the TDP user interface.
  • Current collections expanded to allow the member role to share custom collections with all users in an organization.
  • Athena-related throughput scaling enhancements.
  • Athena statistic collection was disabled via an optional parameter. The change removes unused data from the platform as well as improves the overall infrastructure usage.

Bug Fixes

The bug fix for this release appears below.

  • IS-224: Narrows the scope of a Data Hub role migration to avoid conflicts with non-TDP applications. The new role prefix is datahub-role-{region}-{environment}.

Deprecated Features

Please see our Deprecation Notices to learn more about deprecated features.

Known Issues

Please see the previous release notes for other known issues.

Upgrade Considerations

During the upgrade there might be a brief downtime when users will not be able to access the platform. This includes the TDP User Interface and the APIs. After the upgrade is complete, customers should check their pipelines for failures or cancellations and reprocess those if found. For more details surrounding the timing of the upgrade, please see your CSM.

Other Release Notes

Release notes for other Tetra components are here.