2022.08_0-1 Artifact Release

RELEASE DATE: Aug 01, 2022

Bug Fixes


Enhancements (New Features and Functionality)

DE-4290 ThermoFisher Sanger Sequencer - Design IDS for .ab1 files
  • IDS

    • namespace: common
    • slug: sanger-sequencer-thermofisher-abi
    • version: v1.0.0
    • changelog:
      • First Release
DE-3331 [Chromeleon] Update task script and protocol to support Chromeleon Agent v2
  • Protocol

    • namespace: common
    • slug: chromeleon-raw-to-ids
    • version: v2.1.0
    • changelog:
      • Update to use task script common/chromeleon-raw-to-ids:v3.0.0
  • Task Script

    • namespace: common
    • slug: chromeleon-raw-to-ids
    • version: v3.0.0
    • changelog:
      • None-backward-compatible: this version only supports JSON files produced by Tetra Chromeleon Agent v2 and newer
      • Update parser to use IDS common/thermofisher-chromeleon:v2.0.0
      • Update to handle 3D UV-VIS data from SpectralFields
      • Add fields to methods to capture more information on injections and detections
      • Update results to better capture detector/peak information
      • Update to capture column and module information for different chromatography instrumentation configurations
  • IDS

    • namespace: common
    • slug: thermofisher-chromeleon
    • version: v2.0.0
    • changelog:
      • Update raw to IDS mapping table
      • Update schema.json to ensure it reflects mapping
        • Add datacubes[*].label
        • Remove mass_spectrometer_settings[*].signal_description, ionization_mode, acquisition_mode and remove these three from mass_spectrometer_settings.required
        • Update gradient_settings.composition.solvent from Nullable_number to nullable_str
        • Update from methods[0].processing.mass_spectrometry_library_screening to mass_spectrometry_library_screening_parameters
        • Update methods[0].processing.peak_group_parameters[*].time.start_time to methods[0].processing.peak_group_parameters[*].time.start
        • Update methods[0].processing.peak_group_parameters[*].time.start and methods[0].processing.peak_group_parameters[*].time.end from nullable number to raw value unit.