TDP v3.4.3 Release Notes

Release Date: 22 May 2023


Quality Management

TetraScience is committed to creating quality software. Software is developed and tested by using the ISO 9001-certified TetraScience Quality Management System. This system ensures the quality and reliability of TetraScience software while maintaining data confidentiality and integrity. It also helps mitigate risk.

What's New

TetraScience has released its next version of the Tetra Data Platform (TDP), version 3.4.3. This release focuses on implementing various enhancements and security improvements.

New Functionality

New functionality includes features not previously available in TDP. These features may or may not affect "intended use" for GxP validation purposes.

  • There is no new functionality in this release.


Enhancements are modifications to existing functionality that improve performance or usability, but do not alter the function or intended use of the system.

  • Log levels in Amazon CloudWatch have been optimized to improve performance and efficiency.
  • An issue that caused Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) messages to sometimes be sent out of order is now resolved. Because of the enhancement, file metadata now appears consistently between the data lake and what’s discoverable in search.

Bug Fixes

There are no customer-reported bug fixes in this release.

Deprecated Features

The following features have been deprecated for this release or are now on a deprecation path:

  • Customers can’t use the API_KEY for authentication after the release of TDP version 3.6.0. To avoid breaking integrations, customers must switch to using a JSON Web Token (JWT) for authentication instead. For more information, see API_KEY Authentication Deprecation and Authentication in the TetraScience documentation.

For more information about TDP deprecations, see Tetra Product Deprecation Notices.

Known and Possible Issues

For a list of known and possible issues, see the Known and Possible Issues sections in the previous 3.4.x release notes:


TetraScience continually monitors and tests the TDP codebase to identify potential security issues. Various security related enhancements were addressed.

Upgrade Considerations

During the upgrade, there might be a brief downtime when users won't be able to access the TDP user interface and APIs. After the upgrade is complete, customers should check their pipelines for failures or cancellations and reprocess those pipelines if any are found. Customers should also do a smoke test of their configuration settings to make sure that there are no failures.

After the upgrade, the TetraScience team verifies that the platform infrastructure is working as expected through a combination of manual and automated tests. If any failures are detected, the issues are immediately addressed or the release is rolled back.

For more information about the release schedule, including the GxP release schedule and timelines, see the Product Release Schedule.

For more details about the timing of the upgrade, customers should contact their CSM.

Other Release Notes

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