Customer Hosted Upgrades

When a new Tetra Data Platform (TDP) version is released, it is made available to customers in the AWS Service Catalog. This page provides general information on how to prepare for an upgrade and what to expect during an upgrade.

Preparing for an Upgrade



When upgrading you must install every version incrementally; do not skip minor or patch versions of the software unless instructed to do so by your CSM.

Before you upgrade, prepare by completing the following steps.

  • Read the release notes for all of the versions between your current version of the software and your target version (what version of the software you want to upgrade to). You'll find release notes for the TDP release notes here: {](
  • Contact your CSM so that you can get more information about your specific upgrade path.
  • Plan for downtime. As a guideline, plan for downtime of about 15-30 minutes, per version, when users will not be able to access the platform. For example, at the time of the writing for this topic, if you are upgrading from 3.2.3 to 3.3.0, you will need to plan to upgrade to three different versions (3.2.4, 3.2.5, and 3.3.0); so you should plan for at least 1 hour and a half for the upgrade. Note that this downtime the TDP User Interface and APIs.

General Upgrade Procedure

Typically, when you upgrade, you will upgrade both the data and service layers, incrementally until the upgrade is complete. For a specific version, the data layer (if an upgrade for one is available) is upgraded first, then the service layer, before moving on to the next version.

Note that:

  • You should contact your CSM for additional details as indicated in the prerequisites.
  • The Data Layer and Service Layer version numbers prior to 3.3.1 do not always correspond to one another; discussing this with your CSM will help you to determine the details concerning this.
  • Sometimes there is no Data Layer, but only a Service Layer upgrade is available. If that happens, then only update the Service Layer.

Here are the basic instructions for the upgrade procedure.

To upgrade the data layer:

  1. In the AWS console, navigate Service Catalog -> Provisioned products.
  2. Click on the {product}-data-layer and note the current version.
  3. Click Action -> Update.
  4. Select the next minor version available from the Product versions list.
  5. (Important) Change the CFTemplateVersion parameter to reflect the same version as the one in the Service Catalog. You can leave the other parameters set to their defaults.
  6. Click Update.
  7. Wait for Status to change to Available.
  8. After you have updated the data layer to the next version, repeat steps 1-7 to upgrade the corresponding service layer.
  9. Repeat these instructions till you are on the latest version.

Post Upgrade Procedure

After the upgrade, do the following things.

  • Check your pipelines for failures or cancellations and reprocess those if found.

Rollback an Upgrade

The built-in capabilities of AWS CloudFormation automatically cancels and rolls back the upgrade if there are any issues detected. However, it is theoretically possible that, after successfully upgrading to a new version, the platform does not behave as expected. If this happens and you want to go back to a previous version, do the following:

  1. Contact TetraScience Customer Success and ask them to validate the rollback plan.
  2. For the ServiceLayer, use the same upgrade steps, but choose the previous version, so it is actually a downgrade.
  3. Wait for the Service Layer downgrade to finish.
  4. Repeat the step for the Data Layer.