2022.5_1 Artifact Release

RELEASE DATE: May 4, 2022

Bug Fixes

DE-3778 Fix `KeyError "Max"` bug in Thermofisher Xcalibur
  • Task Script

    • namespace: common
    • slug: thermofisher-xcalibur-raw-json-to-ids
    • version: v6.1.1
    • changelog:
      • Fix bug where an empty Data field in StatusLogSummaryStatistics caused input file to be treated as incorrect version.

Enhancements (New Features and Functionality)

DE-3638 Advanced Instruments OsmoTech updated IDS
  • IDS

    • namespace: common
    • slug: osmometer
    • version: v2.0.0
    • changelog:
      • Update schema.json to follow current convention
        • Add vendor, model, type in systems
        • Add @idsConventionVersion
        • Move time to runs[*].time.lookup
        • Update users, samples, systems