IDS SQL Table Column Names

SQL tables are automatically generated based on the IDS. Each array of objects defined in the IDS has an associated SQL table exposed through JDBC and ODBC. For SQL table structure details, click here.

The Tetra Data Platform (TDP) SQL user interface has these naming restrictions for tables, columns, and partitions. Names:

  • Must be lowercase
  • Cannot contains any special characters, except underscore (_)

Because IDS property names may include uppercase and special characters, TetraScience must sanitize the names to conform to the table specifications. TetraScience applies these transformation rules:

  • Changes any uppercase to lowercase
  • Replaces all special characters with an underscore
  • Replaces all spaces with an underscore
  • Removes repeated underscores
  • Removes all leading underscores

This table shows transformation examples from an IDS key name to a table column name:

IDS Key NameTable Column Name