Tetra Agent Allow List Endpoints

Tetra Agents must have access to at least one of the following endpoints:

If you select the recommended Enable S3 Direct Upload or Receive Commands options during Agent deployment, then the Agent must have access to the following endpoints, either directly or through a proxy:



If you're using a Tetra Hub to proxy the Agent's connections, only the Hub must have access to the following endpoints. The Agent only needs access to the Hub.

AWS EndpointDescriptionWhen Required
https://[infrastructure name]-[environment]-datalake.s3.[region].amazonaws.com

https://[infrastructure name]-[environment]-backup.s3.[region].amazonaws.com

https://[infrastructure name]-[environment]-events.s3.[region].amazonaws.com

Note: If you have a customer hosted deployment, you can find these Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket names in the Amazon S3 console. If you have a Tetra hosted deployment, you will get these URLs from TetraScience.
Uploads filesWhen the Enable S3 Direct Upload option is selected
https://sqs.[region].amazonaws.comFetches the command message and then returns the command processing statusWhen the Receive Commands option is selected
https://logs.[region].amazonaws.comPosts agent heart beats and logsWhen the Enable S3 Direct Upload option is selected
https://monitoring.[region].amazonaws.comSends Metrics Data (such as CPU, memory, and disk usage)When the Enable S3 Direct Upload option is selected