Submit a Support Ticket

To submit support requests or questions about the Tetra Data Platform (TDP) and its components to TetraScience, first contact your organization's internal help desk. They will either use the TetraScience Support Ticketing System to create a support ticket on your behalf, or direct you to create a support ticket by completing the following procedure.


Benefits of Using the Ticketing System Instead of Email

By using the TetraScience Support Ticketing System instead of email, TetraScience can do the following:

  • Provide a higher level and more efficient customer support experience by streamlining the entire communication process for time-sensitive issues.
  • Maintain a powerful database to manage all of your inquiries while still offering the convenience that emails offer.
  • Provide a tracking process for you to review the status of the submitted inquiry in real time.

Step 1: Get a Support Account

Before you can submit a support ticket through the TetraScience Support Ticketing System, you must first obtain a support account by contacting your customer success manager (CSM).

Step 2: Submit a Ticket by Using the TetraScience Support Ticketing System

You can use the TetraScience Support Ticketing System to do the following:

  • Create and monitor support tickets
  • Review your existing tickets in the system

Create a Support Ticket



Make sure that you contact your organization's internal help desk before you create your own TetraScience support ticket. Some customer installations require TDP users to first reach out through an internal help desk ticketing system before a TetraScience support ticket can be created.

To create a support ticket, do the following:

  1. Open the TetraScience Support Ticketing System.
  2. Select Sign in in the upper right. A popup appears that prompts you for your email and password. Enter your credentials and choose Sign in.


Support Account Required

Before you can sign in, you must have an account. To obtain a support account, contact your customer success manager (CSM).

Zendesk sign-in page

  1. Choose Submit a request in the upper right. A support request form appears.
  2. Enter information about your request in the request form. Make sure that you include the following:
  • Reason for request:
    • Problem or Bug
    • Enhancement Request
    • Product Question
    • Task (for example, Platform Upgrade)
  • A short description that includes the following:
    • What the expected results are (please include any steps required to reproduce an issue)
    • (Where applicable) Environment, platform version, and product type
    • (Where applicable) Screenshots or attachments that may help explain the issue
  • Severity status
  • (Where applicable) Priority status
Fill out the request form

Fill out the request form

  1. Choose Submit. A ticket page appears that displays your request(s).

Ticket page

The ticket page may display any of the following statuses:

Ticket StatusDefinition
openSupport team is working to resolve the support ticket
awaiting your replySupport team is waiting for the your reply
solvedSupport ticket was resolved
  1. When the issue is resolved, select Mark as solved to close the support ticket.

View All Support Tickets

To view all of your or your organization’s support tickets, do the following:

  1. Sign in to the TetraScience Support Ticketing System.
  2. Select your name in the upper right. Then, choose My activities. A list of the support tickets that you've submitted appears. To see a list of your organization's support ticket's select the organizations tab.
  3. Select a support ticket from the list to review its comments.


Why Can't I View my Organization's Support Tickets?

To view your organization’s support tickets, you may need different account permissions. If so, please submit a support ticket. Some organizations are configured to allow all users to view all of that organization's support tickets, while others are not.