Tetra IDBS E-Workbook Connector v1.2.0 Release Notes

Release date: 29 September 2023

What's New

TetraScience has released its next version of the Tetra IDBS E-Workbook Connector, version 1.2.0. This release adds a new functionality that gives customers the ability to specify a Support Contact in error messages. It also provides enhancements to the usability of the Connector by improving the visibility of the Connector version number and making it easier to resolve file conflicts.

New Functionality

New Functionality includes features not previously available in the TDP or Tetra IDBS E-Workbook Connector. These features may or may not affect “intended use” for GxP validation purposes.

  • An optional Support Contact text field was added in the Setting > Connector page to give customers the ability to specify a support contact in error messages.


Enhancements are modifications to existing functionality that improve performance or usability, but don't alter the function or intended use of the system.

  • Connector’s version number will be displayed in Details tab and in the log file at start up.
  • Error handling when one or more files fail to transform has been improved. When this occurs, in the Resolve step, users are now notified of files that failed for confirmation.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) auth management was also improved by the following enhancements:
    • The Admin scope requirement was removed from Amazon Cognito SSO login.
    • The Cognito SSO role attribute can now be specified as either a single value or multiple values.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs are now fixed:

  • An issue that caused the Connector to sometimes run out of memory when truncating log files is now resolved. (Zendesk #2579). This large memory usage was caused during the conversion of log files to CSV format. To mitigate this issue, downloaded log files are now in JSON format, not CSV.

Deprecated Features

There are no new deprecated features in this release. For more information about TDP deprecations, see Tetra Product Deprecation Notices.

Known and Possible Issues

There are no new known and possible issues in this release.


Various security updates were applied.

Upgrade Considerations

This verison is compatible as a direct upgrade from Tetra IDBS E-Workbook Connector v1.1.0. To upgrade the Connector, see IDBS Connector - Admin Configuration.

Other Release Notes

To view other Tetra Connector release notes, see Tetra Connector Release Notes.