Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can't I find all of the Empower projects from the Management Console?

TS: The Cloud Archive agent shares the same security control (authorization) as your Empower system. Please verify the Empower database user provisioned with the Agent has access to the empower projects you would like to be managed by the Cloud Archive service. In addition, please go to Waters Empower client and make sure that projects you want to archive are not locked with "full lock".


Full Lock

Q: I upgraded the Empower Client host machine where the Agent is running. After reboot, do I need to restart the Agent?

TS: The Cloud Archive agent does not require re-install. The Agent will automatically start when the host machine is rebooted.

Q: What is the injection service? Is it related to Cloud Archive?

TS: No, the Empower injection service is not related to Cloud Archive. For more details about Empower injection service, please visit Empower Data Science Link


Injection Service

Q: How many Cloud Archive agents do I need?

TS: Customers can start with one agent for one empower system.

Q: Can I work on the projects that are being archived by the Agent?

TS: When users open an archive-in-progress project, the Cloud Archive agent will abort the archive operation right away to ensure project integrity.

Q: Can I work on the projects that are being restored by the Agent?

TS: A project will not become available in the Waters Empower system until the Agent completes its restoration task.

Q: How long will an archived project stay in my Waters Empower system?

TS: Once a project is archived successfully, the Cloud Archive Agent will inform Waters Empower to delete this project immediately. Depending on the sizes of different projects, the deletion process can take up to a few minutes.

Q: What does "Full Locked" project mean?

TS: Full lock is a Waters Empower terminology. Once a project is locked with "full lock", the Cloud Archive agent can not access it.