2022.2_1 Artifact Release

RELEASE DATE: 2022-02-09

Bug Fixes

DE-3199 Fix FCS to IDS parser
  • Protocol

    • namespace: common
    • slug: fcs-raw-to-ids
    • version: v1.0.1
    • changelog:
      • Update to use task script common/fcs-raw-to-ids:v1.1.1
  • Task Script

    • namespace: common
    • slug: fcs-raw-to-ids
    • version: v1.1.1
    • changelog:
      • Bug fixes

Enhancements (New Features and Functionality)

DE-3166 Update BioTek Gen5 IDS to accommodate the time series data
  • IDS

    • namespace: common
    • slug: plate-reader-biotek-gen5
    • version: v3.0.0
    • changelog:
      • Make results[*].actual_temperature array to host kinetic data temperatures
      • Add time as a second dimension to host kinetic read data in datacubes, change measures[*].value to array of arrays to host kinetic data
      • Update README to indicate that plate barcode will be stored in samples[*].location.holder.barcode

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