Customer Hosted and Tetra Managed Deployment Overview

Tetra Data Platform (TDP) can be deployed as Customer Hosted and Tetra Managed where:

  • TDP is hosted on your AWS accounts, yet
  • TDP is managed by TetraScience (with an available subscription offering premium customer service support)

Click here for a detailed comparison of the available TDP deployment options.

TetraScience Requirements for Customer Hosted and Tetra Managed

When using the Customer Hosted and Tetra Managed deployment option, you must meet these TetraScience requirements:

  • You must have these required AWS services. New features and updates may require additional AWS services not included in the list.

  • Your AWS accounts must meet these AWS deployment requirements.

  • You must deploy the Tetra Data Platform in a greenfield AWS account; an account that is totally customizable and dedicated to the platform. This ensures that you have isolated, efficient, and repeatable installations and operations. Additionally, this decreases the amount of time your IT team spends configuring and troubleshooting the initial TDP setup.

  • You grant access to your AWS console and APIs for designated TetraScience team members for these environments:
    - Production: Read-only access required (this helps to maintain customer security)
    - Development and UAT: Full access is required for both
    By granting access to the TetraScience team members with these access settings, you reduce MTTR (mean time to resolve) by eliminating communication latency and access coordination among personnel. This also reduces the time your IT team spends on troubleshooting and screen sharing.

  • You grant Read-only access to your Tetra Data Platform UI for designated TetraScience team members. This enables the TetraScience Customer Support teams to provide standard diagnostic and troubleshooting while reducing the time spent by your IT team to resolve issues. Click here to manage your user accounts.

  • You configure a secure network connection between your AWS account and the Tetra Data Platform UI. The connection can be securely set up using a VPC private link (AWS standard). This enables the TetraScience team members to support you without having to track and maintain customer-specific hardware (which reduces costs).

  • You configure a managed support tooling that connects to your AWS account. The common platforming tool enables TetraScience team members to monitor and support your environment using the same high-standard support as TetraScience uses to support our own platform.

  • You must have purchased the AWS Business Support package for your production environment. AWS provides accelerated support to investigate any issues (for example, if the production system down response is less than one hour). AWS recommends this support for production workloads.

  • You need to deploy the Tetra Data Hub component.

TetraScience Support

At a minimum, TetraScience requires that you have the basic enterprise support package which includes:

  • Upgrades and patches for the TDP and cloud hosting environment
  • Review of security and logs
  • Technical training in developing pipelines, Tetra Agents, configuration, and query
  • Basic helpdesk tasks (for example changing passwords, changing integration configuration)

TetraScience provides basic enterprise support for the Customer Hosted and Tetra Managed deployment option, however, you can select an Enhanced Support package through an additional subscription. The Enhanced Support package includes support for these features:

  • Logging
  • Cloud Security Posture Monitoring
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Incident Response