Off the Shelf Deployment Overview

You can deploy the Tetra Data Platform (TDP) off the shelf to manage and configure TDP in your own environment and on your own AWS accounts. The AWS accounts must meet these AWS requirements.


Managed PaaS Deployment

If you are interested in having your AWS accounts managed by TetraScience, you may want to consider the Managed PaaS deployment option.

With the off the shelf deployment option, TetraScience provides basic platform support. However, TetraScience requires that you have an enterprise support package which includes:

  • Upgrades and patches for the TDP and cloud hosting environment
  • Review of security and logs
  • Technical training in developing pipelines, Tetra Agents, configuration, and query
  • Basic helpdesk tasks (for example: changing passwords, changing integration configuration)

The Tetra Data Platform is deployed from two AWS CloudFormation stacks, each containing multiple nested stacks. The stacks are packaged, versioned, and made available to customers as AWS ServiceCatalog products.

Application code is containerized and runs on Amazon’s Elastic Container Service. There is some additional code running in AWS Lambda. Data is stored in S3 while resource-intensive auxiliary services (such as Elasticsearch and Postgres Database) have their own dedicated clusters. Click here to view a diagram that shows the interaction between the components.

Click here for a full list of currently required AWS services. New features and updates may require additional AWS services not mentioned in the list.

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