Features Available by Role (Deprecated)


Page Deprecated

This page has been deprecated. Please see Tetra Data Platform Roles and Permissions/Features Available by Role instead.

User Roles and Permissions

This table highlights permissions for each product feature, along with its CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) permissions for each user role (Read-Only, Member, or Admin).

ScopeDeployment (Site) (Tetra Admin)Organization (Member)Organization (Read-Only)
Search FilesYYY
Pipeline: File ProcessingYYY
Pipeline: Pipeline ManagerYYY* Cannot create new pipelines
Data Sources: AllYYY (But cannot edit; you can view the configuration, but you cannot edit the configuration or configure something new.)
Health MonitoringYYN
View IDS TypesYYY
Attribute ManagementYYN
API DocumentationYYY
Account: Account DetailYYY
Account: Organizational MembershipYYY
Account: Organizational DetailsYYN
Account: Service UsersYYN
Account: SQL AccessY (Can see tables and the username/credentials)Y (Can see tables and the username/credentials)Y (Can see the SQL Tables)
Account: Shared SettingsYYY (Can view, but cannot create shared settings, cannot add secret)
Account: Audit TrailYYN