Waters Empower Table Structure and Relationships

This page describes the Waters Empower Table structure. Understanding the structure of the IDS Entity Relationship diagrams may help you determine:

  • What data to query
  • How to structure your SQL queries

This diagram shows the Empower entity relationship:


Empower entity relationship


This table describes the Water Empower tables. For more details, you can search the table and view its table definition.

Table NameDescription
lcuv_empower_v5_injectionThis is the root table. It provides basic information about each injection including: assigned name, description of the injection, and the dimension, measure, and project names.
lcuv_empower_v5_injection_custom_fieldsProvides information about each injection, including a key value (such as: Storage Conditions, Stability Point, Analysis Number, or Batch Number. The value, data type, any numerical or boolean values, and project information is also included.
lcuv_empower_v5_method_instrument_columnsProvides information on the serial number, name, injection and sample counts, maximum pressure values and units, maximum temperature value and unit, ecord serial number name, and project name.
lcuv_empower_v5_resultsContains information on ID, time, set information, and sample information (for example: name, weight value and unit, sample type, dilution, and more.
lcuv_empower_v5_results_peaksContains information about the number, analyte, height area and retention time values and units, resolution, USP tailing and resolution, signal to noise ratio, K-prime, amount value and unit, area percentage, integration value, code, retention time and start time values, and more.
lcuv_empower_v5_results_peaks_custom_fieldsProvides information about result peak values, organized by key and value.
lcuv_empower_v5_results_custom_fieldsProvides information about result organized by key and value.
lcuv_empower_v5_results_sign_offsProvides information on who completed the signoff, the level, date, method information, reason, type, project, and result ID information.
lcuv_empower_v5_method_instrument_setupsProvides details, instrument status, and other instrument setting information such as the flow_unit, pump mode, and degas mode.
lcuv_empower_v5_sample_set_custom_fields(see other custom field description).
lcuv_empower_v5_sample_set_method_custom_fieldsProvides information about sample set methods, organized by key and value.
Provides information about parameter integration, organized by key and value.
Provides information about parameter system suitability information, organized by key and value.
lcuv_empower_v5_method_processingContains parameter information such as the name of the parameter, the system suitability information and algorithmic information.
lcuv_empower_v5_datacubesProvides dimensional and measure information for datacubes.
lcuv_empower_v5_datacubes_dataProvides data for the datacubes' measures and dimensions.


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