Tetra Agent Introduction


The main purpose of the TetraScience Agent is to transfer source data to TetraScience Platform. The Agent can be a custom application built upon Software SDK, like Empower ToolKit or UNICORN OPC. It also can work as a "dropbox" to take clients' data files of various formats, CSV, Excel, PDF, and even Message.

No matter what format of the data file, if possible, the Agent will convert them to JSON files, aka, RAW JSON. The RAW JSON files will be uploaded to TetraScience Platform, later processed by Pipeline and finally will be translated to Intermediate Data Schema (IDS), which can be integrated with downstream analytics data visualization tools, such as Spotfire or Tableau.

There are two scenarios TetraScience supports.

  • DataHub/Data Connector. The customer requires an on-premise deployment of a TetraScience agent and an on-premise Data Hub/Data Connector.

  • User-Defined Integration. TetraScience agents will upload source data directly to Tetrascience Platform.

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