IE PRO 200: Tetra IoT Agent Technical Specifications

Hardware Specifications

Hardware ItemValue
CPU528MHz ARM Cortex-A7
RTC1 Built-in Real-Time Clock
Memory512MB DDR2 SDRAM
4GB NAND Flash
SD FormatTF Card
Ethernet2 x 10/100M
I/O Port2 x RS-485
1 x RS-232
2 x USB 2.0
1 x CAN 2.0
1 x DI
1 x DO

Electrical Specifications

Electrical ItemValue
Rated Power VoltageDC12V, DC24V
Rated Power Consumption8W
ESD ImmunityContact discharge: ±4 KV
Air discharge: 8 KV
Operating Voltage9~36 V
Allowable Momentary Power Interruption10 ms (at 12 V DC)

Operating Conditions

Relative Humidity5%~95% no condensation, no freezing
Operating Temperature-40°C~85°C
Corrosion ImmunityAtmosphere free from corrosive gases
Shock Resistance10~25 Hz (X Y Z Direction 2G 30 Minutes)

Software Specifications

OSDebian Jersey
KernelLinux Kernel 4.0

Protection and Installation

Degree of ProtectionIP51
Installation ModeDIN

Network Specifications

iot.<TDP domain>8883TCPMQTT+TLS
iot.<TDP domain>
123UDPNTP servers for time synchronization; at least one URL should be allowed.

iot.<TDP domain> is the service endpoint for the IoT server.


The Tetra IoT Agent uses MQTT+TLS as the main communication protocol. Communication includes this information:

  • Data collected from devices/sensors specified in the driver and configuration file
  • System metrics of the Tetra IoT Agent: MAC address, and IP address for WAN and Wi-Fi, SSID,
  • BSSID, and signal strength and quality for Wi-Fi
  • New configuration file from the Cloud
  • Firmware update to the Cloud

Connection Ports and Hardware Views


Tetra IoT Agent - Back View

Port NameDescription
WiFi_Antenna_1Female screw for an external Wi-Fi antenna connection
WiFi_Antenna_2Female screw for an external Wi-Fi antenna connection
LANRJ-45 port for local configuration and instrument connection
USB_2.0USB 2.0 port for sensor/instrument connection
WANRJ-45 port for Ethernet connection
PowerFor DC 24V power connection
Power_LEDIf powered, then light is on
Warning_LEDIf there is something wrong in the software, then light is on. For normal operating conditions, light is off.
Running_LEDIf the software is running normally, then light blinks at a steady rate.
Network_LEDIf the link is connected to the AnyLink Cloud server, then the light blinks at a steady rate.

Tetra IoT Agent - Serial Number Label