IDS Conventions

Before you read this page, you need to have the basic knowledge of IDS. Please start with Understanding IDS Design if you are new to it and then come back.


Because TetraScience uses Elasticsearch and AWS Athena for data indexing, every IDS must follow certain rules when creating these files for your data to be correctly indexed. In general, IDS design can be broken down into two parts:

  • Platform Requirements: the rules every IDS must follow
  • TS Convention: the rules mainly for design consistency across different IDS. TetraScience has abstracted data and formed opinions on the data structure. TetraScience developers are following this convention.

If you want to create your own IDS, you need 3 files in your IDS folder:

  • schema.json
  • elasticsearch.json
  • athena.json

Each file has a design doc associated with it. You need to start with schema.json. Then move on to elasticsearch.json and athena.json.

Design Doc Links

IDS Validator

TetraScience has an IDS validator that will validate whether your IDS complies with the platform requirements when you deploy it. The validator can be found here:

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