Sending Agent Logs to TetraScience for Troubleshooting (From TDP)

Manually finding and packaging logs to troubleshoot software issues can be time consuming. Fortunately, TDP provides a feature that allows you to quickly select Agent logs to send to a secure location in the cloud that TetraScience staff can access for troubleshooting purposes.



Logs will only be kept for 30 days. After that they will be deleted.

Also note that for version TDP version 3.4, this is only available for the FLA agent.

To use this feature:

  1. Select Data Sources > Agents from the TDP main hamburger menu.
  2. In the Agents screen, find the Agent you want to see the logs for, then on the right side of the screen, click More > Agent Logs.

Agent Logs

  1. In the Agent Logs screen, select the first date of the logs you want to collect. Note that the date should not include dates before the agent started sending log data.

Select Dates

  1. In the drop down menu next to the date, select the number of days you want to select logs for.
  2. Click Send Logs. The logs are placed in secured TetraScience-owned S3 bucket for TetraScience Support Team use.
  3. The requests appear in the section titled “Last 7 Days of Requests.”

Last 7 Days of Requests

If you want to see the Cloudwatch logs and you have Cloudwatch access, click the Cloudwatch Logs link. Clicking the link opens another window where you can log into AWS Cloudwatch to access logs.